An Inside Job

We are now into day five of this new year. With the promise of COVID-19 vaccination (we know a few people who have received their first "jab") and increased production and shipment, hope is in the air.


There's a house for sale in our neighborhood. Out front is the usual sign with the realtor's name, number and agency. But underneath the sign is an alluring message inviting people to take a look around, boasting: "I'm beautiful inside."

How many of us believe that? I can assure you that if you live knowing yourself to be beautiful and worthy of love, you probably have less stress than most, need fewer pills and take more risks. If you operate from a deep certainty that you are lovely inside and out, chances are you don't worry about what others think, cannot bruise easily and find it easy to accept others' imperfections.

The new year is still young and this week has just begun. If you've made some resolutions and have slipped, start again after asking yourself what happened? If you haven't articulated any goals yet, consider this (from a blog I receive) as you write them:

What you say matters less than what you do. New goals won't get you different results. Different actions can. Change what you're doing to change where you're going.

If you want to see what really matters to you, look at how you spend your time.

Let's make these years the Roaring '20s. Not wild or unruly but filled with joy and expectancy and gratitude. Disease, disaster, dissension or disagreements will not define us. We are made for more than these- higher and brighter.

If a house for sale can proclaim itself to be beautiful, what is stopping you?