A time to...

At funerals and some other occasions, the beautiful words from Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 are often read. Made singable by the Byrds during the 60s, the cadence of each juxtapositional line could serve as a lesson by itself.

Sadly, this novel virus has nonfictional statistics which make us realize that it truly is a "time to die" for some and a "time to heal" for all.

What time is it for you?

Most of us have heard the saying:

"It's the journey and not the destination",

but what if it's true?

Imagine if this time "in-between"

(when many of us will mark our memories as a different "BC & AD"-

Before Covid and After Disease)

became a time of learning, living thoughtfully and maybe even


a time to slow down and learn how to Zoom our grandchildren

a time to get back on that diet and learn to Youtube exercise routines

a time to turn off the TV once in a while and learn from Ted talks

a time to ponder some deep(er) questions and learn from The Great Courses

a time to move beyond "what I'm missing" to "how I'm growing!"

If this--for now--is the journey, then