A Positive Virus

Not to worry, neither of us has been infected with COVID- and we hope that's the case for a long time. But this disease and the pandemic which rages on is one of the principal reasons why Alice and I began this initiative, Alive 'n Well.

However, well before the world became conversant with terms such as co-morbidity, R0 ("R Naught"), herd immunity or contact tracing, we've had a desire--perhaps you could even call it a mission--to help others in the way we can.

Switching gears for a moment... Have you noticed this where you live: a sofa or tricycle left on the curb or driveway with a "4 Free" sign? The other day, we saw a broadcast spreader for the taking- you know, the non-motorized lawn utility that helps to diffuse seeds and fertilizer?

It got me thinking about the persuasive super-spreaders of goodness. The honorable teachers, influencers, motivational people who live and breathe positivity and hope. Sometimes spiritual, but never superficial, these women and men seem to have a mission to share what they know from what they've experienced with whoever is eager to learn.

Let me be clear about content: I don't mean the stuff that is sappy, pie-in-the-sky, groundless nice talk. That's what I call junk food (whereas I call negativity poison- both of which do nothing to nourish).

No- super-spreaders are those people who have this way of circulating a deeper, broader truth that is available to all; it's just that some of us have buried it under the clutter of drama or the junk of defeat.

We have compiled a list of books we recommend, inspiring videos and links we love which might provide you with support for this journey to being a super-spreader of goodness. Click on "The Well" and take a look around.

Years ago I learned from Richard Rohr that what I don't transform I transmit. Meaning: the world can, at times, infect us with a heavy sadness. Consequently, we have a choice: to contaminate others OR let it pass through and return it with a twist: life is always better than the darkest day; hope is never beaten down to stay.

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