A Mirror and a Dumbbell


Mmmmmmm. These are some of our favorite candies.

However the M&Ms I'm referring to in this blog are "Meditation and Mindfulness."

Rather than being narcissistic navel-gazing distractions, meditation and mindfulness are about self-growth in order to be peaceful and present to others. The ability to pay attention to this moment now and hold it without judgment or anxiety is a necessary gift to the world.

In a culture where reaction and besting one another are more important than unity and equanimity, we need more mindfulness and meditation!

The result of working on M&M is a powerful two-dimensional gift. One side is like a mirror whereby you see reality more clearly with less need to comment. The other side is similar to working out with weights- just as your muscle is broken down and then grows back stronger, so in mindfulness the self is broken down and then grows back cleaner.

Your home, where you live.... the world needs the good work you do on yourself.