10,000 steps 🚶‍♀️

  • "Will you get your steps in today?"

  • "Did you get a badge?"

  • "What was your average HR during your walk?"

If you don't understand these questions, you probably don't have a smartwatch or fitness tracker. We don't either, but we do get our miles in every day. For us, launching Alive 'n Well involves literally "walking the walk." Except for the occasional all-day rain, daily we get outside and get our steps in- either walking, running or biking: usually around 3 miles. Saturdays we go for more than 6.

The now sacred bar of "getting in your 10,000 steps" has its origins in a Japenese company that invented a device in 1965 called Manpo-kei, which translates to “10,000 steps meter" (there are crazy stories of competition among fitness fakes who have put their watch/trackers on dogs, blenders or fan blades to inflate their numbers).

But whether you're doing your 10K steps for bragging rights or bolstering your immune system, what I like about walking is that it gets us outside into unconditioned air: time to admire lawns and gardens; wave to neighbors and other walkers; look for hawks; listen for the great-horned owl; smell gardenias and jasmine; identify planets and stars. It's so good to stretch our legs after time at our desks; it is said that too much sitting is the new smoking.

Before I met Alice, much of my outdoor time was dedicated to getting in my running. Do you remember the walkman (I still have one) that played a cassette tape (I do not have any😜)? How about the fact that the name of the product was telling us to get moving! Love it.