Our Mission

At this moment in the world, we recognize that many people find it difficult--if not impossible--to keep focused on the good.  We see the "new normal" that looks like this:

Living a less frantic life     Letting things unfold in their time     Embracing this moment now and giving it the best we have

Turning every obstacle into an advantage    Having relentless pragmatism and unbridled persistence   Possessing indefatigable ingenuity
Getting unstuck and unleashed    Turning negative situations into positive opportunities    Sifting good fortune from every instance

These are certainly our greatest gifts to ourselves and to one another! 

Health and wellness are essential and so we provide life coaching and meditation for body, mind and soul.

Our hope is that those who are awake may become more healthy and those who are well may become more aware.



©2020 by Alice & Daniel Francis