Image by Aziz Acharki

Life Balance

  • Not enough time and things don't get done?

  • Too much time and you find yourself wasting much of it?

  • Can't concentrate on the important tasks?

  • Find yourself more behind and can't catch up?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, there's a simple solution.  Now hold on... Yes, I said "simple", but it will take some work.  That's okay because you (and your stress level) are worth it!

This coaching will involve first clarifying the most important parts of your daily, weekly and monthly life.  Then we will prioritize these with an honest assessment of skills and availability.  Finally, we'll put together a concrete, laser-focused plan for you to not only handle the tasks that have been eating away at you, but find yourself delightfully balanced with renewed energy.  Not surprisingly, you'll find out--as some of my clients have--that you have more time now to do the things you want to do!