KickStart '21

21 days (and beyond) in 2021

The dawning of the new year is a great time to take control of your life!

Productivity     Healthy Eating    Fitness    Sleep    Meditation  ∧  Journaling 

Life Balance    Mindfulness  ∧  Write Your Book

How much is it?  

$21.00 for 21 days


Yes.  Just one payment of $21.00 upfront and no other charges

How does it start?

Once we set up an initial phone/Zoom call to establish your priorities and name up to 3 goals to achieve, we begin the next day!

What do I get?

  • Daily emails (or texts- your preference) with laser focus to motivate you and keep you on course based on our initial conversation

  • A phone/Zoom call on Day #10 to "check-in" and tweak our strategies, if necessary

  • One personalized video prepared for you on Day #17 to make sure you maintain amazing success through the final 4 days and onward- you will!

What happens on Day 22? 

Your new life begins!  No seriously, if you want to continue contracting my services, I'd be most happy to coach you along- with the same or new goals!  Let's talk after three weeks!

I'm in.  How do I sign up?

Click here: