Great!  You’ve enlisted the help of a Life Coach!  Now what? 

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that the experience is as effective as it can be.

Before the phone call/Zoom session:


  • If you are in a room/home with someone else, let them know you are not to be disturbed

  • Switch off or silence any other communication devices so as not to be distracted

  • Your coaching space should be comfortable and calm – find a good chair or couch

  • Clear your mind before the call and be honest to yourself and with me:  make the time to prepare your space and your mind

  • Look at any notes you have made between sessions; prepare questions you want to ask or issues you might want to pass by me

  • Do not drink any alcohol before or during the coaching session

  • Be punctual and call on time so as not to deprive yourself of all the time that is yours!



During the call:


  • Unless we are on Zoom, stay away from your computer and other devices

  • Take notes only if that is something that works for you.  Some clients find it helpful to jot down salient points; I recommend this only if it doesn't take away from your concentration

  • No need for a timer- I usually let you know when we have 5 minutes left in order for us to end with a summation


After the call:


  • Take some minutes to ground yourself and reflect on the session- what do you feel, what did you hear, what are the “takeaways”?

  • Write down any points you want to remember and/or anything you may be disturbed by, confused with or need follow up on

  • Commit yourself only to the things you are going to do

  • Plan your actions for the week so that your attitude and mindset follow targeted guidance

  • You are welcome to email me as often as you need for between session feedback.

Making the Most of Your Coaching Sessions