Coaching by Email

How Coaching by Email (also called e-Coaching) Works

  • Send me an email ( explaining what you’d like to work on.  No attachments, please.

  • The coaching process then begins.  I'll invite you to begin payment.  Then, I will take a long and careful look at your email:  where you are (and perhaps where you'd like to "go").  I'll respond back in as many words as possible with my understanding and insights.  I might--even at this first stage--offer resources to help support your needs.

  • You respond back within 7 days with any questions, comments, reflections or obstacles that might arise.

  • I'll respond again in as many words as necessary with personalized, supportive resources.

  • This email cycle repeats twice more making a total of 4 email cycles.

  • This is one basic e-coaching package and usually lasts about a month.  Though the length of time to respond to my emails might seem rather tight (ideally within 7 days), the overall timing really allows flexibility for thoughtful consideration and preparation of our e-responses.

  • You can decide to stop or renew for another package after that.

Is it for you? Yes, if you…

  • like to work at your own pace

  • don’t like to be put on the spot

  • prefer to keep a reference to the emails and resources for the 


  • want to try life coaching but don’t want to spend too much money

eCoaching may not be for you if you...

  • need immediate answers

  • want a deeper rapport with a life coach

  • value verbal conversation

  • find that you cannot express yourself adequately in writing/emailing

  • won't be able to meet the timelines or follow written coaching guidance

How much does it cost?

  • $140.00 each month – payable in advance
    Each month consists of 4 email cycles and may last more than a calendar month.

  • If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with the process, let me know after week one of any subsequent 4 email cycles and I will refund that entire month.

Feel free to contact me for more information: or by using our contact form.


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