April Powers

30 Days of Commitment 

You had a rough 2020.  You began 2021 with a yen for change.  You've been dancing on the edge of doing something for you, for your life, your home, your work, your soul.  

Take the reigns of April and commit yourself to thirty days of daily doing what you want to do, what you need to do, what you deeply desire to do


Forget previous attempts and mind games.  No past habit will slow you down.  You are ready to go to the next level- to be serious about who you really are:  someone who will not quit.  You’re now ready to step fearlessly into a strong self-confidence and take yourself beyond old patterns to a newer, bolder, springier you!

Feel the Power all through the month of April

Spring Forward


Choose one and get it done!

Walk/Run Every Day

Whether it's around the block or 5 miles, commit yourself and stay on course!

DeClutter Every Day

Start with just the drawers for the first week, then a room the second week.  By the final 7 days, your entire house will feel as free as your mind!

Write One Paragraph Every Day

You may be the next Melville or Chaucer, or this could merely be for pleasure.  Make the time daily to write or type.  Your story will be amazing.

Read 30 Minutes Every Day

A good novel or a helpful magazine, it doesn't matter.  Get your brain going by turning off the TV and turning on the sofa lamp!

Learn A New Word Every Day

I know someone who has been reading the dictionary since January.  Perhaps you can subscribe to something like Wordsmith.

Write Three Gratitudes Every Day

Believe me... you will soon be naming more than seven.  You see, once you begin looking for reasons to be thankful, they seem to abound!

Practice An Instrument Every Day

Not for everyone, but this could be the chance for you to take online classes to learn the guitar, recorder or even a brass instrument presently collecting dust.  Make music!

Post Something + Every Day

Be the positive influence you know that you yourself appreciate on social media.  Make your daily posts be an inspiration and joy for many.

Meditate Every Day

You can start with 3 minutes or 13, but just commit yourself to the important ritual of making the space to sit still- watch what happens inside!

Join Me...Virtually!

Swimming laps in the sea

My Monthly Commitment

I'll be swimming in our neighborhood lake every day:  no matter the temperature (even in Tampa it can get cold) or the weather (rain or shine) or my schedule or my disposition.


Do This With Me

Email me at daniel@alivenwell.net today or fill out the form below and I'll send you an encouraging email or text every day.  It's your choice.  And you don't have to respond to my emails or texts.  My job is to encourage you to keep you on track in order to make April a powerful month of commitment, persistence and strength! 

Motivate Me For 30 days!



Feel the Power!